Saturday, May 2, 2009

Does Your Stimulus Package include Filet Mignon?

Nowadays it seems everywhere you look, some sort of stimulus package is being offered. The government has one, your favorite restaurant probably has one – but did you know that butchers have them too? Why YES – that is what Mr. Charlestown Culinary and I found out two weeks ago when we stopped at the Hilltop Butcher Shop in Weymouth, MA.
Fortunate for us, our timing was impeccable. Walking into the refrigerated ‘room of meat’, we stumbled upon a sign advertising Filet Mignon at $4.99/pound. We were even more lucky when one of the butchers rolled out a cart with freshly cut filets and handed us the best looking of the bunch.
That night we seasoned those steaks with Hilltop’s blend of salt and spices and cooked them to a perfect medium rare. With these steaks, we had grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes and a chilled rose wine. It was a perfect start to the grilling season.
Note: Hilltop publishes their weekly specials on its website every Wednesday. (This week's specials include beef tenderloin for $3.99/pound!)

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