Monday, February 23, 2009

Course 1: The Cheese Course

'Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese' ~ Billie Burke

As previewed in Sunday's blog entry, the first course of the 'Wine Scavenger Hunt' was a cheese course that was paired with wines brought by the 'Armenian Princess'. For cheeses, I selected the following:

Pecorino Gran Cru: A hard sheep's milk cheese with a sharp and nutty flavor
Sottocenere with Truffle: A creamy cow's milk cheese with an earthy truffle flavor
Bucheron: A semi-soft goat cheese with a mild lemon flavor
Brie de Meaux: A soft cow's milk cheese with subtle nutty flavor

The cheeses were accompanied with: orange fig spread, dried apricots, candies pecans, honey with pine nuts, freshly baked bread and rosemary crackers. With this course, we enjoyed 2 wines that were provided by the 'Armenian Princess':

Pierre Sparr Extreme Riesling: A zesty white from Alsace with hints of lime, white grapefruit and green apples
Frutezia Orchard Blend: A lightly sparkling white wine with hints of green apple

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