Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

Winter snowstorms bring chaos to the city on many levels. Before the first flake even hits the sidewalk, grocery stores are crammed with patrons buying tremendous amounts of food, cars are jockeying for spots safe from a potential parking ban and orange cones are lined up in anticipation of being used as 'space savers'.

In my mind - this 'chaos' called for simplicity. Tonight, simplicity was pasta with grilled eggplant and summer squash.
Prior to grilling, the vegetables were tossed with a generous amount of olive oil, sea salt and pepper. If tomorrow's storm traps us in the house for weeks, I may regret the decision to not stock up on excessive amounts of bread, milk and butter. However right now, with a safely parked car, I am standing behind my decision...

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