Monday, December 22, 2008

MMM... Doughnuts

When I was a kid, we used to visit my grandparents in Fairhaven right before going back to school. During this visit we always did 2 things:

1. Back to school shopping at the outlet mall
2. The Feast of Our Lady of Angels

'The Feast' was one of our favorite things as kids, because it was there that we would get hot malasadas. Malasadas are Portuguese yeast doughnuts - (my mother is 100% Portuguese) - that are deep fried then coated with sugar. This is how much they were loved: For our wedding dinner, my husband and I had a 'surprise' malasada course in between the entree and cake...they were the size of a dinner plate, but that didn't stop my brother Nate from eating TWO of them.

Wedding malasada photographed by Meg Belanger.

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